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Shijiazhuang Changshan Pharmacy

Changshan Pharmacy as invested by this company, passed the GSP certification in 2015. Its address is No. 29, Heping West Road, Shijiazhuang City, and it has a business area of 208.38 square meters. The interior design being reasonable, the pharmacy is spacious and bright, and adheres to the principle of “the customer comes first”. It provides consumers with a variety of products, such as Chinese traditional patent medicines, western medicines, medical equipment, health-care products, and prepared slices of Chinese traditional medicine. It also provides many services to the consumers, including free-of-charge blood pressure and blood sugar measuring, free-of-charge Chinese traditional medicine cooking, free-of-charge drug delivery in the urban area, and 24-hour service.

Our pharmacy is mainly divided into five sections, namely: a drug section, a health-care product section, a sterilizing product section, a Rx section, and an OTC section which includes the Chinese traditional medicine section. Our pharmacy also sets up special drug counters where customers can view and choose OTC vitamins and minerals, OTC children drugs, OTC calcium tablets, Class I & II medical equipment, or dismounted medicines.