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Hebei Quality Culture Association Visited Our Company

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On the morning of June 14, 2018, the Executive Vice President and Secretary General of Hebei Quality Culture Association, Zhaofeng Han, and the Director of the Membership Management Department, Xiaoyi Ma, visited our company. First, Mr. Han introduced the main organization of the association and its main business. Hebei Quality Culture Association (hereinafter referred to as the “association”) is a non-profit provincial private organization with legal person qualifications, joined by organizational and individual members dedicated to the construction of quality culture in Hebei Province. It is a Class- AAAA social organization, and a member of China Association for Quality. After the visit from Zhaofeng Han and Xiaoyi Ma, the leaders of the association visited our institute and workshops on the spot and gave a high evaluation of the company's research and development and production capacity. Through the communication and exchange with several leaders of the association, our company obtained a new understanding of quality management. The leaders of the association also put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions, which played an important role in quality improvement and management.

                                                      Quality Department: Xiaoping He